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Version History

Like all technical documents, The TCP/IP Guide must be revised on a regular basis, to correct problems and make updates to reflect changing technology. The fact that the Guide is self-published in electronic form allows it to be updated much more often than is possible with a printed book. To differentiate between successive revisions of the Guide, I use a version numbering system; the version number of the Guide is displayed in the footer of each page of the document.

The version number takes the form N.N, where each N is an integer. The right-most digit is the minor version number; it is incremented whenever a new version of the Guide is published that contains only relatively minor fixes and improvements. The left-most digit is the major version number, and is changed only when significant changes are made to the Guide, such as a large number of fixes and enhancements, or the addition of substantial new content.

The following table shows the version history of The TCP/IP Guide:

Version #


Description and Changes from Previous Versions


January 1, 2004

Initial release of The TCP/IP Guide.


June 7, 2004

Extensive rewrite of version 1.0 of The TCP/IP Guide. The Guide was thoroughly reviewed by two TCP/IP experts and numerous technical errors and clarity problems were addressed. Most of the larger topics have had subheaders added to make them more readable. Hundreds of other minor glitches, typos and problems have also been corrected.


September 27, 2005

This is actually a minor update to version 2.0, containing a few dozen error corrections and clarifications. This version corresponds to the content of the newly released print book of The TCP/IP Guide (which is why it was given version number 3.0 instead of 2.1.)

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