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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have included here the most common questions that I anticipate will be asked about the Guide, so you can quickly get the answers you need about it. If after reading this FAQ you have a questions that was not answered, please feel free to contact me.

General Questions

  • I want to order The TCP/IP Guide right now, what should I do? For the electronic (download) version, simply go to the download ordering page and follow the instructions there. To buy the new hardcover book, visit the book ordering page.
  • What is The TCP/IP Guide? The TCP/IP Guide is a detailed, understandable reference guide to the TCP/IP internetworking suite. Please see the home page for a more complete overview description of the Guide.
  • What does The TCP/IP Guide contain? The Guide contains over 1,600 pages covering dozens of TCP/IP protocols and technologies, supplemented by over 300 full-color illustrations, summaries, background information and much more. Please see the Content Overview for a high-level look at the Guide's contents, or the complete Table of Contents.
  • What special features does The TCP/IP Guide include? The Guide has numerous features that enhance both its content and usability. Please see the Features page for details.
  • Are samples available of The TCP/IP Guide material? Sure, just look at the samples page.
  • What is the current version of The TCP/IP Guide? The current version is 3.0, dated September 20, 2005. Errors identified in this version will be listed on the errata page.
  • How is The TCP/IP Guide distributed? It is distributed in electronic form as a PDF document file. It can be purchased either for immediate download over the Internet, or shipped as a compact disk for an additional charge. It is also now available to read online for free, though the document is broken up and ads are displayed.
  • Is The TCP/IP Guide available in print form? The TCP/IP Guide book is now available for sale! Visit the book ordering page for details.
  • Can I print out The TCP/IP Guide? Yes, you can print out and use as much of the Guide as you wish using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (subject to the usage conditions of the electronic book license agreement).
  • Can I copy material from The TCP/IP Guide to incorporate into other documents? Licensing of The TCP/IP Guide does not include the right to copy the text and other materials into other documents. If you wish to use any of the material on a Web site, compilation for other similar purposes please contact me and explain what you would like to do.

Pricing and Upgrade Questions

  • What is the cost for the electronic versions of The TCP/IP Guide? Please see the pricing page. The TCP/IP Guide can also now be read online for free.
  • What is the difference between a new order and an upgrade order of The TCP/IP Guide? Anyone who has previously placed an order for The TCP/IP Guide is eligible for special upgrade pricing; anyone who has not yet ordered must place a new order. There is no difference in the material itself, only the price.
  • How does upgrade pricing work? In general, downloaded upgrades to minor revisions of a purchased version are free; upgrades to the next major revision or later are half price. For example, if you purchase version 3.1, all revisions up to but not including 4.0 would be free; version 4.0 and higher would be half price. (This rule has been relaxed for versions 2.0 and 3.0, which are available as minor revision upgrades.) See the version history for a discussion of minor and major revisions.
  • How often do you plan to publish upgrades of The TCP/IP Guide? Minor revisions to the Guide will be made on an as-needed basis; I plan to make major revisions every couple of years.
  • Can I obtain a site license for The TCP/IP Guide? Yes, by purchasing multiple licenses. See the pricing page or contact me for more information.
  • What is the price be for the hard-cover print version of The TCP/IP Guide? The book's MSRP is $99.95; it is available for less at many retailers, and also here on the site (with extras!)

Order Process and Shipping Questions

  • How do I order The TCP/IP Guide? Please follow the instructions on the electronic version ordering page or the book ordering page.
  • What forms of payment are accepted for orders? Primary payment is via PayPal, the leading online payment method, which allows you to use debit or credit cards on a secure server. Alternate payment forms, such as money order, can be sent by mail. I will accept cash as well, but I do not recommend this due to the possibility of loss; you send it at your own risk.
  • Can you accept purchase orders? Yes, if this is really the only option available. I try to avoid them because they are extra work for me and usually result in delays of weeks to months before I receive payment.
  • Can you accept bank transfers? Generally no; the banks here in the USA make this difficult and expensive.
  • In what currencies can you accept payments? Only in US dollars, I'm afraid. Again, this is because of the banks here.
  • How long does it take to process an order for The TCP/IP Guide? Credit card orders for download are usually processed within a couple of hours, but may take longer due to the vagaries of Internet communication. Mail orders can take several days or even over a week depending on the postal system and my schedule. Book orders will take longer unless you upgrade to priority mail shipping.
  • If I order a book, can I get a download password to use while waiting for it to arrive? Sure, just contact me and tell me that you would like this. There is no additional charge.
  • Are refunds accepted on orders of The TCP/IP Guide? As an individual running a small business, I do not have the resources to handle returns. If you order a book and there is a problem due to a defect, I will of course exchange it at no charge.
  • Why do you sell books on the site only within the US? The book is heavy (almost six pounds) and the cost of air mail shipping, duty and taxes makes it likely not worth ordering from the US if you live outside the US. I may change this policy in the future if there is sufficient demand.

Book Questions

  • Where can I get more information on The TCP/IP Guide in book form? Please see the book ordering page.
  • Where is the book available? You can order it from me directly (if you are in the US) or from your favorite online or brick and mortar book store.
  • What are the major differences between The TCP/IP Guide's electronic and book versions? The actual content of the two editions is basically the same, but they are arranged and formatted quite differently. The electronic version uses a hierarchical structure, while the book is arranged into conventional chapters. The book was also significantly edited by the publisher so a lot of the writing appears different. Finally, the diagrams are not in color in the book, and it has an index instead of a search engine.
  • Why is some of the content different between the electronic and book versions? This is a result of the editing process that goes into producing a book for publication. Also, the book is a "one shot" deal; once it is done it can't be updated (except for a second edition in a few years), while the electronic version can be updated over time. But nearly all of the content is really the same.
  • Is The TCP/IP Guide book hardcover or softcover? It is a hardcover book.
  • Can I get the book it autographed if I order it from you? Sure, just specify this when ordering.
  • Can I get a download copy when I buy a book? Yes, if you buy directly from this site, the electronic version is included for free. It is not included if you purchase from any other source.

System Requirements Questions (Electronic Version)

  • What are the system requirements to use The TCP/IP Guide? The TCP/IP Guide should be usable on all modern computers. However, as it is a very large document, very old systems may slow down when displaying parts of it.
  • What operating systems are supported? The TCP/IP Guide is distributed as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and should therefore be usable on any system for which the Adobe Acrobat Reader software is available. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later is required, but certain people have reported difficulties using version 5, so Acrobat 6.0 or later is recommended.
  • Where can I get a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software? You can download it for free from Adobe's Web site.
  • Are there any known compatibility issues? Not at this time.
  • How large in size is The TCP/IP Guide? Approximately 27 MB.
  • How long does it take to download The TCP/IP Guide? About 2.5 hours using a 28.8kbps dialup modem; about 1.3 hours at 50kbps; and just a couple of minutes with modern high-speed broadband.

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