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With The TCP/IP Guide print book now widely available, reviews and testimonials are pouring in from all around the world. Here are a few excerpts with links to the full reviews:
  • "Really, the biggest drawback of The TCP/IP Guide is that my attempts to describe it turn me into a slavering fanboy. My cubicle-mates stare wide-eyed at me and say in calming tones, "Scott ... it's just a book." But geez, I literally cannot imagine anyone in IT who would not find this book eminently useful. It's a literary "perfect storm" of great research, great organization, appealing prose, appropriate technical illustration, and clear-mindedness. I mean, what else do ya want? If you've read as many bad IT books as I have, you will appreciate the mastery of Kozierok's achievement. His warmth and style don't smack you in the face at first (which is part of why it wears well over 1600 pages); but keep reading, and you'll discover an IT brother. ... [The] TCP/IP Guide will be the standard for years to come. You heard it here first." -- D. Scott Pinzon, CISSP, review at WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
  • "This is one of the most comprehensive references available on the subject of TCP/IP.  At over 1,600 pages, author Charles Kozierok succeeds in organizing this involved subject into an introductory section, a general section for application developers, and one for low-level programmers who need detailed access to the protocol.  Key concepts are sectioned off in bolded text on a gray background as a visual cue.  The many diagrams and illustrations are welcome in helping to explain the most complicated concepts.  Kozierok's writing style is engaging and informative, especially in the introductory chapters. ... Now I can retire all my other TCP/IP books I have gathering dust on my bookshelves. Oh, wait, I guess I can keep them as relics from times past and perhaps become collector’s items. No, I looked at and they hold little value today. This book however may become timeless, because it not only talks about, but shows “everything”." -- Jonathan Hoyle and Robert Pritchett, review at macCompanion
  • "Charles M. Kozierok's new TCP/IP Guide is the best-organized and easiest-to-digest "complete" TCP/IP book I've ever seen. ... I can't think of a reason why any datacenter or beginning IT technician wouldn't want to own this volume. It's well written and organized, as complete as nearly everyone could want, contains many useful tables and diagrams, and covers IPv6, the forthcoming next generation of Internet technology." -- Jon Sobel, review at
  • "I'm blown away by this book. The coverage of the topics is outstanding in both it's breadth and depth. The tone is very readable. And the use of graphics, wow. This book is tremendous. It's going to instantly be "the TCP/IP reference". It blows the old classic, TCP/IP Illustrated, straight out of the water. This book is worth every single penny. No doubt. It's going to set a new bar for technical books. Wow." -- Jack D. Herrington, review at
  • "The TCP/IP Guide is a name that doesn't scratch the surface regarding how much thought and work went into this opus work by the author. At over 1,500+ pages, this is a reference, an encyclopedia, and a teaching tool all wrapped up into one. This isn't the kind of text that anyone would just crack open and read in a weekend, but the most experienced of engineers WILL read this book cover to cover and find it an interesting journey to take. An amazing piece of work that will remain and thrive in networking circles for a long, long time to come. " -- Daniel McKinnon, review at
  • "I expect this book to become the new classic TCP IP reference." -- kauza "talltonga", review at
  • "...for the last 10 years I have been an internet service provider so the Internet Protocols have been entrenched in my life and I wish I had this book from the beginning as it would have helped me tremendously back then. And now as a reference book on the subject, you could not find a better, more comprehensive book on the subject. I would give it two thumbs up for sure." (Rating: 10 out of 10) -- Nick Sardy, review at Cariboo Computer Magazine

Here are a few of the many testimonials from people who are reading and using The TCP/IP Guide electronic edition:

  • "THANK YOU!!!!! I just had to say that. :) Finally, someone has taken something as complex as the TCP/IP protocol and described it a simple yet thorough manner that I can understand!! I purchased it on Friday and have been reading it all weekend. I started with the section on DNS and have learned more about it in one weekend than I have in my 6+ years working with computers. Good work. I am so impressed with it that I have been recommending it to all my co-workers and friends." -- Jason E., Williamsport, PA
  • "I am so delighted to see the next Major Step from this author. This is not an idle thought. I have been suggesting to my students since the 1990's. This new entry *is critical* to CompTIA Network+ and lower level Cisco candidates (CCNA/CCNP, CCDA). I also Strongly Suggest A+ 2003 and beyond candidates become avid readers so they are REAL people, not just parrots making certification tests happy." -- Tcat Houser, author and educator
  • "I have found The TCP/IP Guide to be a surprisingly comprehensive manual on an infinitely huge topic. The Guide offers not only a detailed view of the TCP/IP protocol suite, but also defines networking and the OSI model architecture, in a genuinely interesting and easy to digest manner. Charles' relaxed, personal and humorous writing style makes reading the Guide as enjoyable as a mystery novel. The multiple levels of detail - from simple overture to drilled down deep - makes The TCP/IP Guide a valuable resource for any IT professional as well as an excellent text for students." -- Mary Richards, MCSE, A+
  • "Well, Charles Kozierok, creator of The PC Guide, has done it again! Written in his familiar down-to-earth style, The TCP/IP Guide is at once easy enough to understand that it should be an excellent starting place for beginners to learn networking -- and at the same time, thorough and in-depth enough to make it a must-have reference for advanced users and professionals." -- Billy Griffis, computer technician
  • "Whenever I bump into troubles that seem even remotely TCP/IP-related, I dig out The TCP/IP Guide. It almost always gives me the answer I seek, and most of the time I keep on reading. The clarity with which complex issues are explained, the omnipresent hyperlinks that allow you to go broad or deep on a given subject, the humorous writing style... It really makes for a captivating read and what's even more important: a lot of the info really sticks in my head. A superb reference work by any standard." -- Steven, IT student, Belgium
  • "An absolute must-have for the serious student of networking, and those who just want a greater understanding of the technical world around them. Its level of detail is excellent, yet its simple explanations and analogies of even the most complex subjects make this work unparalleled. Even for the experienced student its coverage of the basics can make things so much clearer." -- Iain Denton, networking student, Tasmania, Australia
  • "I've started reading the full guide skimming through each section and so far it's definitely very high quality. The manner in which it's written is very professional and much easier to grasp then most technical books I've read. I love the use of easy to understand analogies, especially relating the host and network portion of an IP address to a telephone number. This guide is a must have for anyone serious about a future in computer networking." -- Eric Plumstead, networking student; Flemington, NJ
  • "What a magnum opus! Well written, assuming little knowledge on the part of the reader, but, unlike many technical works, it is not patronising in tone. I think, if I finish reading it I might actually have learned a lot about networking. And painlessly too!" -- David Eaton, Somerset, England

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