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TCP/IP Network Status Utility (netstat)
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Windows netstat

The Windows netstat utility is quite a bit simpler than the UNIX one, because it has a lot fewer options. This is good for those of us learning about the program, but not so wonderful for those who want maximum power and flexibility in using it.

Windows netstat Option Groups, Options and Parameters

Like the UNIX netstat, the Windows one has a set of options groups that dictate the general type of information shown, and a few universal options that can be used with multiple groups. The option groups and generic options are shown in Table 300 and Table 301.

Table 300: Typical Windows netstat Option Groups, Options and Parameters

Option Group, Options and Parameters


netstat [-n] [-o] [<interval>]

When called with no mandatory options, netstat displays information about active TCP connections.

netstat -a [-n] [-o]
[-p <protocol> [<interval>]

Displays all active TCP connections, as well as both TCP and UDP ports to which the host is listening.

netstat -e [<interval>]

Shows statistics for Ethernet interfaces.

netstat -r [<interval>]

Displays the current routing table for the device.

netstat -s [-p <protocol>]

Displays TCP/IP statistics for the system by protocol.

Table 301: Typical Windows netstat Universal Options and Parameters

Option / Parameters



Displays network addresses in numeric form instead of symbolic name form. Also shows ports in numeric form instead of displaying standard process names associated with well-known UDP or TCP port numbers.


Displays the process ID associated with each connection.

-p <protocol>

Limits the display to only the information associated with the specified protocol.


Causes the netstat command to be repeated every “<interval>” seconds, rather than just displaying its information once. This can be used with any of the netstat option groups.

For example, “netstat -s 5” would display TCP/IP statistics every five seconds.

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